DERMABON we are very interested in having a great relationship with our clients, not only offering the best routine to apparently control psoriasis in the market but also offering the best guarantees so that you feel comfortable with this, which could be one of the most important investments. smart things you do in skincare products.
We offer a 30-day guarantee in which you can test the soap and verify the results for yourself, we have also chosen 2 companies to offer you the best services and guarantee.

In our online store we offer packages of 3 months of daily routine for severe and moderate psoriasis, these packages are designed like this because in this time using DERMABON in a disciplined way, the psoriatic lesions will have disappeared.
Either way, you will be able to see great progress and changes in your skin after 30 days of disciplined use; in this time you will be able to evaluate if DERMABON is working as well as it has done with thousands of people around the world.
In the very rare event that this does not happen, you are protected by our 30-day warranty.

Is that how it works:
1 -. Use DERMABON in a very disciplined manner for 30 days
2 -. In the remote case that it doesn’t work as expected .. return any remaining bars you have by regular mail (so it may be cheaper)
3 -. Send us a notification of your case and what symptoms you felt.
4 -. As soon as we receive the remaining product, we will refund your money (The money for the returned parts) through Pay Pal.

PayPal is the largest and most professional company in the processing of electronic payments, we chose this company to offer you maximum security and guarantee that we will never capture your card information.

Your shipment will be made by CARSSA parcel, the business day after making your purchase. And a tracking number will be provided to you so you can track your shipment.