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Clinical Study – Dermabon

Clinical sutdy permorbed by the Monterrey's Technologic Medicine school, Chihuahua campus.

Psoriasis is a skin cronical disease with a multifactorial origin but with genetic base; it can affect any skin region but with predetermination on scalp, elbows, knees and lumbosacral zones. Its caracterized by epidermic celuar hyperproliferation that completes the regeneration and keratinization cycle in 4 days, whereby it manifets with erythematosus plaques. The plaques can be with a diverse size and forms and can cause itching in the injury. The treatments for this disease consist of corticosteroids, methotrexate, cyclosporine, etretinate and other medicindes that inhibit the celular proliferation. But this medicine originates other patologies by altering other tissues functioning, not counting the suspension of these could cause the recidivism of injuries. Because of these reasons, the patients search for diferent ways to control the aparition of the lessions in a more natural way. between these methods there exist the use of coal tar, although because of its bad smell, is mostly evaded. Having this in mind the daily use soap was created which someone could enjoy the benefits of the coal tar but without the terrible and penetrating smell on the patients skins or tha probabilities of stain the clothes after sweathing.



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