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What is? – Dermabon

What is Dermabon?

Dermabon is a soap bar treatment.

Dermabon benefits

Dermabon is very effective against psoriasis, dermatitis and dandruff. because it reduces the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis and dandruff by up to 93%. According to a study conducted by ITESM Campus Chihuahua.

Dermabon gives you relief from the first use and reduces spots, scaling, itching, burning, pain and moisturizes the skin in about 3 weeks of use.

It does not cause rebound effect, this means that if the treatment is suspended, the problem will not increase.

It is healthy, since it does not contain corticosteroids. Incredibly effective for all types of psoriasis.

Dermabon Features:

It does not contain corticosteroids.

It has no side effects.



Psoriasis is the lack of control of the immune system causes the cells of the last layer of the skin, the keratinocytes, to grow much faster than normal: every 3-4 days instead of every 28 days, as with the cells of a person without psoriasis, giving rise to psoriatic plaques.



Atopic skin is a skin disease that is characterized primarily by its dryness, which leads to its scaling and irritation and causes annoying symptoms such as itching. It is a constitutional form of dry complexion with little water and grease, so it flakes and irritates very easily.



Seborrhea is due to a disorder of the sebaceous glands that produce more sebum than normal. When there is an excess of fat the glands become hypertrophied and a small obstacle in the form of a scab forms that affects the normal exit of the hair. It is a chronic disease with outbreaks of greater intensity.



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