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3 Bar Dermabon Soap – Dermabon

3 Bar Dermabon Soap



3 Bar Dermabon Soap

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Dermabon is only being manufactured in Chihuahua, Mexico city, (its manufacture is artisanal and manual) and from here its distributed to global market. Dermabon’s products is in blackish green colored soap bars with an average weight of 2.50 oz (90 grams).

Dermatologist diagnosis is required and very important for Psoriasis.

If your Psoriasis is very severe, I recomend taking a shower twice a day, the first moth; head to feet, closing up your eyes to avoid the soap to get inside since it is slightly irritating, staying at least 3 minutes soaping with the product, there are some very persistent spots found principaly in body joints, these are convenient to apply some soap as if it was boy lotion. In less severe cases, for example, shown only on elbows, wash them thrice a day.

If you suffer from dandruff and seborrhea, wash your head twice a day.

By personal experience and from many other clients about Psoriasis we have found out it starts bringing results after the third week of continuous soap use, I haven’t stopped using the soap but people who has stopped using it have had recidivism on their disease apparently not aggresive, they start using the soap once more and the red skin spots dissapear again. More comments from other clients are that they have had some reactions such as skin irritation principaly on the face on sun contact, some others that they get white stain on their clothes on sweathing.

I’ve observed that in people over 40 years old, the soap acts with better efficiency than in younger people, as they argue the soap has a bad smell, they have clothe stains, etc., I think that in adult people, because of their constant soap use, the results become more positive and in less time.



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