Dermabon, ``Crece tu Pyme`` FedEx National Price winner

Our project was the winner by its viability, social impact and growth potential the formula was  created in 2005 by José María Licona.

Small and medium companies are the axis of Mexican economy, taking this into account , the “Inadem”, the Mexican business council of external commerce, investment and technology (COMCE) and FedEx created an announcement for the FedExt National Price “Crece tu Pyme” which was drawn from august to October of 2015.

As part of its program “25 years, 25 solutions” FedEx released the announcement to support the growth and professionalize a Small or Medicum company by ginving advice and an economic stimulus.

There were over 4 thousand contestants, from which 5 were selected as finalists for the chance of receiving 100k pesos, also an annual membership in the COMCE and 50% discount of national and international shipping through a FedEx account.

The winner

The winning project because of its viability, social impact and growth potential was Dermabon soap, created in 2005 by the mining engineer José María Licona. His objective was to offer an alternative treatment for Psoriasis which he has suffered for over 40 years .

Psoriasis is a disease that affects skin; creating redness and peeling; unfortunately, it has no cure. Thus Mr Licona decided to create an option that would help people cancel the symptoms.

Today the soap is being produced in Chihuahua in small batches and crafted manually. The product is being sold Mexico, United States, Germany and Turkey among others. Its reach has been amplified because it has an effectivity of 93% , proven by the Monterrey Technologic Medicine Faculty, at Chihuahua’s campus.

Mr Licona invested  the prize to strengthen and expand the operations nationally and internationally with the goal of giving access to this natural alternative for this disease.

The judges were composed by Carmen Santiesteban, Private Sector Deputy Director of the Entrepreneur network support (INADEM); Patricia Pacheco from COMCE’s Technic management; Graciela Lemaitre, COMCE’s Middle east and Africa Director and Jorge Torres, Mexico FedEx Express CEO.

The soap has several sertifications among them are: FDA (USA Food and drugs administration Certifcation ) and Kosher certification, which give evidence about the high quality of this product, Certifications also allowed the producto to be exported safely.

Clinical sutdy perforbed by the Monterrey's Technologic Medicine school, Chihuahua campus.

Psoriasis is a skin cronical disease with a multifactorial origin but with genetic base; it can affect any skin region but with most cases  on scalp, elbows, knees and lower back zones. Its caracterized by epidermic celluar hyperproliferation (or fast growth) that completes the regeneration and keratinization cycle in 4 days, whereby it manifets with erythematosus plaques. The plaques can be with a diverse size and forms and can cause itching . The treatments for this disease consist of corticosteroids, methotrexate, cyclosporine, etretinate and other medicindes that inhibit the celular proliferation. But this medicine originates other patologies by altering other tissues functioning, not counting the suspension of these could cause the return of the injuries. Thats why, the patients search for diferent ways to control the presence of the injuries in a more natural way. among these methods are :the use of coal tar, although because of its bad smell, is mostly evaded. Having this in mind the daily use soap was created so that we could receive the benefits of the coal tar but without the terrible and penetrating smell on the patients skins or the probabilities of stain the clothes after sweathing.

Validado por la FDA

DEMARBON is being produced in Mexico and since 2009 its being exported to many countries around the world.

To achieve export certification, Dermabon first had to accomplish one of the hardest tasks in the world which is to demostrate its high quality standards before the FDA (Food and Drug Administration Agency in United States), considered one of the most strict authorities  in the world for healthcare products .

Kosher's Certification

Today our treatment counts with the Kosher certification, and FDA International Register in USA also the formula’s patent.



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